The description of the presented project 
«Construction of the centre of logistics in the city of Bobruisk» 
А. Project Opportunities

А 1. Project Name

а) Short name: «Construction of the centre of logistics» 
б) Full name: «Construction of the centre of logistics in the city of Bobruisk» 
в) The purpose of the present project is ordering and the organisation of transportations of the goods with the help of  railway and motor transport, optimization of logistical expenses

А 2. Project Status

Pre-investment stage. The ground area about 2,3592 hectares is chosen

А 3. Organizations Involved and Their Role

Executive committee of the city of Bobruisk is the initiator and the coordinator of the project 
Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, city of  Bobruisk 
I.I.Anufrieva the-vice-major of the Executive committee of the city of Bobruisk 
Tel.( +375-225) 76 21 49 
Fax (+375-225) 76 22 24

А 4. Project Description

The project provides building of the logistical centre in Bobruisk. The prospective site of construction works is the city of Bobruisk, street Vanzetti, 75 – on distance of 13,5 km from highways М-5 (Minsk-Gomel) and 4,2 km from railway cargo handling station, there is a possibility of connection of water supply, energy and  electric power. 
The project is planned to be realized between 2016 and 2018 years

А 5. Prerequisites/History/ Overall Program/ Related or Similar Projects

The city is situated on crossing of railway and automobile highways, 150 km from the capital of the Republic of Belarus - the city of Minsk, 140 km from large industrial centre of the Republic - the city of Gomel, 160 km from border with Russia, 150 km from border with the Ukraine, 350 km from border with the European union. 
The area of city land makes 9 002 hectares. There are such rivers as Berezina, Bobrujka, Dneprets in the city. The parts of a city which are divided by the river Berezina, are connected by two automobile and railway bridges. 
The city possesses the developed industry, has the branched out transport and social infrastructure, has highly-competent personnel, produces the goods which are widely known not only in Belarus. There are 2 railway stations, road service station, river port, more than 40 large industrial enterprises , over 5 000 individual businessmen. 
Today the city of Bobruisk is the large industrial and cultural centre with  population of  217,2 thousand people. 
Centre building will allow to optimize logistical expenses at realization of  foreign trade activities and also can become a starting point for foreign investors in realization the idea of development of  new perspective markets of the CIS

А 6. Summary of Environmental Impact

It is not determined

А 7. Potential Obstacles/Problems/Risk Level

А 8. Project Implementation and Payback Period

Project implementation period: 3 years 
Time of recoupment : according to an investor’s calculations

А 9. Industry Classification of Project

Executive Committee of the City of Bobruisk

В. Capital Cost Items (Total investment requirement for project implementation)

В 1. Physical components of Project (equipment, works, services, etc for Project implementation)

В 2. Capital investment, (mln USD)

Equipment purchase

According to an investor’s offer

Civil and installation  works

According to an investor’s offer

Project works

According to an investor’s offer


С. Capital by Source Available for the Project Initiators

С 1. Source type

С2. Amount, (mln USD)


D. Investment Requirement, Shortage

D 1. Underinvestment, Kind of Financial Assistance

D 2. Sources of finance

D 3. Type of financial instrument

D 4. Amount, 
(mln USD)

Foreign investor’s source

direct investment

According to an investor’s offer


Е. Demand (Customers) and Income

Е 1. Customers/markets, volumes, prices, revenues, estimated profit/saving

Consumers of product: Market оf the Republic of Belarus, the markets of the CIS countries, the markets of the foreigf countries

Е 2. Revenues (sales)

Е 3. Amount, 
(mln USD)

Revenue from the realization of logistic activity

According to an investor’s calculations

F. Операционные и эксплуатационные расходы

F 1. Cost components, cost coverage strategy, and management of production

For project realization there is a possibility of  interconnection into engineering networks and communications. The project assumes building of a new construction

F 2. Cost items

F 3. Amount, 
(mln USD)

TOTAL full costs on production sales

According to an investor’s calculations

G. Net income

G 1. Receipts Е 2 less operating expenses F 2

G2.Amount, (mln USD)

According to an investor’s calculations

H. Source of Information on Project

H 1. Form filled by (Name, post):

Оlga Zhuk,  the head of department of economy of the Bobruisk Executive Committee  (+375 
-225) 76 21 80

H 2. Organization (name and address):

Executive committee of the city of Bobruisk 
Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Bobruisk, Lenin square 1

H 3. Tel./Fax/E-mail:

(+375-225) 76 21 80; 76 22 24; 76 21 96; e-mail:

H 4. Date :


H 5. Superior organization:

Executive Committee  of the city of Bobruisk


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