The description of the presented project 
«Construction of waste plant in the city of Bobruisk» 
А. Project Opportunities

А 1. Name of the project

а) Brief name: «Construction of waste plant» 
б) Full name: «Construction of waste plant in the city of Bobruisk» 
в) The purpose of this project is to organize the production of the sorting and recycling of solid municipal waste in the city of Bobruisk, and then use it as secondary raw materials

А 2. . Stage of  the project

Preinvestment stage. The place is chosen

А 3. The participating organizations and their role

Executive committee of the city of Bobruisk is the initiator and the coordinator of the project 
Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, city of  Bobruisk 
I.I.Anufrieva the-vice-major of the Executive committee of the city of Bobruisk 
tel. (+375 225) 76 21 49 
Fax (+375 225) 76 22 24

А 4. Description of  the project

The project provides construction of the building, purchasing and installation of the equipment for reception of the  industrial and municipal solid waste from the city enterprises, Bobruisk district enterprises and, following separation it into the classes and types of recycled materials, sorting recycled materials, storage and delivery for processing and (or) clearance1.
Expected construction site: land plot of "Promothody" UKPP with area ? 10 ha near industrial waste landfill "Vishnevka", north-west of Vishnevka village at a distance of 2.5 km, Bobruisk district of Mogilev region

А 5. Preconditions/ history / general program

Bobruisk is a large industrial and cultural city, it  has a highly developed industry (more than 40 large industrial enterprises), has branched transport and social infrastructure, has highly competent workers, produces goods that are widely known not only in Belarus. 
Implementation of this investment project is aimed at preventing harmful assess of the impact of waste on the environment and human health, as well as enables the city to organize a system for sorting and recycling of solid municipal waste, followed by its usage as a secondary raw material. 
The project is planned to implement during the period 2016 – 2018 years

А 6. Brief description of impact  on an environment

Not detected

А 7. Possible obstacles/problems/ degree of risk

The purchasing by an investor of the ground area for the construction of the centre of logistics ( renting for 99 years) is carried out through the auction tenders. Acquisition of the ground area without auction probably in case of the conclusion of the investment contract.

А 8. Term of realization and  recoupment of the project

Term of realization of the project - 3 years; 
Time of recoupment – according to an investor’s calculations

А 9. A branch belonging of the project

Executive Committee of the City of Bobruisk

В. В.Article of capital expenses (the total investments necessary for realization of the project)

В 1. Physical components of the project (the equipment, works, services, etc. necessary for project realization)

В 2. capital investments, (USD $ , million)

Equipment purchase      

According to an investor’s offer

Civil and installation  works

According to an investor’s offer

Project works

According to an investor’s offer


С. Nature of capital available for the initiators of this project

С 1. Nature of sources   

С2. Amount (USD $, million)


D. Necessary investments, deficient amount

D 1. Lack of financial funds, a kind of the financial help

An investor’s source                                                                                      According to an investor’s offer

D 2. . Financial sources  

D 3. Type of financial instrument         

D 4. Amount in USD $, million

Foreign investor’s source              

Direct investment           

According to an investor’s offer


Е. Demand (consumers) and profits

Е 1. Type of consumers/ markets, volumes, prices, incomes, estimated profit /savings

Recycled Materials / processing plants

Е 2. Profits (sales)

Е 3. Amount in USD $,million

Revenue from the realization of  activity             

According to an investor’s calculations

F. Operational and working costs

F 1. Components of costs, strategy of a covering the costs, the manufacture organization

The project assumes construction of buildings and constructions

F 2. Articles of expenses

F 3. Amount (USD $, million)

TOTAL full costs on production sales

According to an investor’s calculations

G. The net profit

G 1. Incomes Е 2 minus operational expenses F 2

G2. Amount (USD $, million)

According to an investor’s calculations

H. Source of Information on Project

H 1. Form filled by (Name, post):

Оlga Zhuk,  the head of department of economy of the Bobruisk Executive Committee  (+375 
-225) 76 21 80

H 2. Organization (name and address):

Executive committee of the city of Bobruisk 
Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Bobruisk, Lenin square 1

H 3. Tel./Fax/E-mail:

(+375-225) 76 21 80; 76 22 24; 76 21 96; e-mail:

H 4. Date :


H 5. Superior organization:

Executive Committee  of the city of Bobruisk

1 changes in the concept of the project possible taking into account the investor's offer.

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