213800, г.Бобруйск, пл. В.И.Ленина, 1

The International Festival of Popular Art “The Wreath of Friendship”
­The Participant’s Application Form

1. The full name of the group _______________________________________________

2. The full name of the organization (without the abbreviation) sending the delegation_________________________________________________________

3. The full postal address ___________________________________________________
          Tel. __________________________________________
          fax. __________________________________________
          e-mail ________________________________________

1. The total number of the delegation participants, including the attendants and drivers (up to 30 people, of 15 years of age and older) ___________________
2. Name, surname of the group’s leader(s) including the passport data
Tel. number (office) _____________ home _______________ mobile _______________

1. The number of the creative group’s members (without attendants and drivers)
Total ________ women _____ men ________

2. The full name of the leader of the official delegation, the attendants (no more than 3 people) pointing out their posts, without the initials ________________­
women   ______         men    _____
3. The transport you’ll arrive by to Bobruisk (the type, its number, the means of transport)
           The date and the time of your arrival ____________the number of drivers (nо more than 2) __________

The date when the application was written                                    The seal ___________ «___» _______________ 201__                                                                the signature of the 
                                                                                                             Organization manager

Additional information:
1. The creative characteristics of the group (on a printer’s sheet)
2. The concert programme including the time of every item (up to 30 minutes, on a   special sheet of paper)
3. The general list of all delegation members, attendants and drivers sealed by the    organization official seal (it should be sent by e-mail on a special sheet of paper, on arriving to have 3 more sealed and signed original copies)
4. The photos (5-6 pieces) as electronic images, video materials (DVD).
5. The technical rider (the accompaniment, phonograms on a flash card (mp3, wav), live sound, the number of the microphones you need). You must have the phonogram (+1) or (-1).

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